Questions and answers

Q: Why is there a Triratna Earth Sangha?

A: Increasing numbers of Triratna Buddhists are becoming more and more concerned about the state of the planet and the life which inhabits it. It's clear from the science and the accelerating trend toward extreme weather events that the conditions for life as we know it are changing in ways that will lead to very bleak outcomes for life on Earth. And yet, even though altruistic activity and compassion for living beings is very deeply established in Triratna, there has never been a coherent, movement-wide response or conversation. We want to change this. It's simply too urgent to wait any longer.

Q: Is the Triratna Earth Sangha part of a larger environmental movement?

A: No. Members of TES may be involved in other movements, such as Extinction Rebellion, XR Buddhists or Greenfaith International, but TES is not affiliated to any other movement.

Q: Do I have to sign up to non-violent direct action/civil disobedience to take part?

A: No. While many members of TES may choose to be involved in direct action and risking arrest, there is no obligation to do so. You can choose to take part in peaceful protest in a way that does not break the law or risk arrest. Or you can simply offer moral and/or practical support to other activists.

Q: Can I make a financial contribution?

A: Yes! Please do! We have a JustGiving page here.