Who's involved so far?

Amalaketu, Colchester, UK

Amalaketu is past chair for Colchester Buddhist Centre and has initiated and now oversees the Sustainable Buddhist Centre Certification Scheme. He is a Chartered Engineer and Environmentalist and a specialist in low and zero carbon buildings, having won multiple awards for his work.

Maitridevi, Shropshire, UK

Maitridevi is chair of Taraloka Buddhist retreat centre for women in Shropshire, UK. Steeped in her love of both the natural world and the Dharma, Maitridevi has recorded 38 'nature-thought-for-the-day' reflections and short meditations, connecting us with the burgeoning environment at Taraloka.

Tejopala, Melbourne

Tejopala is a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order living in Melbourne. He works organising multi-faith climate campaigns for the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC) and is helping to coordinate the upcoming GreenFaith International Day of Action on October 17 and 18, 2021. He also performs stand-up comedy about the climate and Dharma practice.

Akasharaja, Shrewsbury, UK

Akasharaja was ordained in 2001 and lives with his family in Shrewsbury, UK. He is active at his local centre as well as being a very occasional local radio pundit. He was instrumental in setting up Extinction Rebellion in Shrewsbury in 2018 and spent a sleepless night under Nelson’s Column during the 2019 Extinction Rebellion and can therefore claim to be a moderately hard-core eco protester. He wants his and all other children to inherit a viable world.

Santacitta, Brighton, UK

"I am a retired GP, Jungian Analyst and recently turned Buddhist activist. I am terrified by what we are doing to this precious planet."

Shantigarbha, Bristol, UK

Shantigarbha is a Buddhist activist, mediator, and lover of life. He's author of The Burning House: A Buddhist Response to the Climate and Ecological Emergency (Paperback) - Windhorse Publications. He is a member of the Triratna International Council, a Regional Order Convenor, a member of the Restorative Coordinating Group, Nonviolent Communication (NVC) trainer and partner to Gesine. They live in Bristol, UK.

Angela Lombardi, Glasgow, UK

Angela is a Buddhist in the Triratna Glasgow sangha, long committed to personal eco-action but recently galvanised by COP26 into collective activism with other climate-concerned people of faith - and none - across various groups. She is in the Triratna ordination process, supports classes, and is a co-mandate holder of the local Social Action Kula. She is also involved with care, community development, and arts for mental health charities, and 'publishes' as a 'book' of the Human Library.

Upekshapriya, Manchester Buddhist Centre

Upekshapriya is a lapsed activist who rekindled his passions with XR Buddhists in the 2019 October Rebellion. It was short-lived as he got flu from sitting on a damp Lambeth Bridge. Ordained in 2002, he spent 21 years with The Clear Vision Trust making videos and websites for the Triratna Buddhist Community.

Akshayapradipa, North London Buddhist Centre

Akshayapradipa trained as doctor in Germany. Following her interest in Public Health, she worked in the NHS on health and climate change and coordinated Extinction Rebellion Buddhists. She is involved in the North London Buddhist sangha.

Diana Ellis, Glasgow Triratna Sangha

Diana is a passionate activist training for ordination. She works in Global Citizenship Education in the West of Scotland, supporting schools and communities to take action on issues they care about. She is lead author of a new resource for teachers 'Climate Justice: A Human Rights Approach' and is co-mandate holder of the Social Action Kula in Glasgow with Angela.

Christine Thuring, Vancouver Buddhist Centre

Christine is a plant ecologist specialised in green infrastructure and sustainable landscape design. She is an Ecosattva in Training who has been actively blocking a tar sands pipeline and defending indigenous sovereignty via Protect the Planet Stop TMX.

Akuppa, Newcastle Buddhist Centre

Akuppa has been involved in environmental issues in different ways for about thirty years. He was ordained in 2000 and is based in Newcastle, where he teaches at the Buddhist Centre and co-owns a vegan teahouse. He is the author of Saving the Earth - A Buddhist View.

Rodashruti, San Francisco Buddhist Center

Rodashruti is inspired by engaged Buddhism, and the balancing influence of meditation and study on action. She lives in San Francisco, has been active in various political movements, and is a founding member of San Francisco Buddhist Center's Green Sangha. She works at the UCSF Center for HIV Information, writes in several genres, and produces independent radio and podcasts. She is Arab-(Syrian) and Irish-American.